All onsite acoustic measurements are conducted using certified and calibrated equipment, and our acoustic projects are developed using licensed software.


Acoustic Project’s measuring equipment and software:

  • Ekofizika multichannel system of measuring and registering vibro-acoustic processes
  • calibrated Octava-101A 1st class precision noise level meter and spectrum analyzer;
  • КММ 400 No 01023 preamplifier;
  • Brüel & Kjær 4149 No 954578 microphone;
  • Klotz interconnect cables;
  • Look Line EM50 electromagnetic tapping machine (Italy);
  • Look Line D203 omnidirectional sound source dodecahedron (Italy);
  • EASE 4.3 room acoustics 3D modeling software (Germany);
  • EASERA PRO 1.2 software for measuring and processing of room’s acoustic parameters (Germany);
  • Room Sizer 1.0 + Room Optimizer 1.3 software from RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc.;
  • INSUL version v 7.0 software from Marshall Day Acoustics Ltd.;
  • Sony VAIO SZ340P и ASUS M2400-based hardware and software systems.