No high-tech business operating in the field of architectural physics can develop without appropriate theoretical and experimental base. Therefore, we at Acoustic Project devote substantial attention to research and development.


Our R&D specialists participate in the activities of international acoustics organizations, conduct onsite and laboratory tests of various acoustic structures, do theoretical research in sound insulation and vibration isolation spheres and develop new vibro-acoustic technologies.


Acoustic Project engineers conduct experimental research at laboratories of the R&D Institute of Construction Acoustics and Ukrmetrteststandard in Kyiv and on location using our own measuring equipment.


Based on theoretical and experimental research and in collaboration with Acoustic Traffic LLC technical department our specialists have developed a number of soundproofing and anti-vibration mounts. In the course of development we borrowed from the experience in using vibration isolation mounts in theUnited States,Germany,Belgium, theNetherlands andSpain by doing special research.

High technical characteristics of the mounts were proved by tests at GetznerResearchCenterin Bürs,Austria.


Acoustic Project has developed, jointly with KnaufMarketingCenter, a soundproofing structure drawings album in the Detailed List format: Knauf-03/2013 Soundproofing Systems.

This document describes professional technical solutions and design of soundproof partitions, facings and suspended ceilings and the joins where soundproofing structures adjoin and connect with each other.

Effectiveness of technical solutions provided in the Detailed List was confirmed by qualification tests conducted at the construction acoustics laboratory of the State Committee of Ukraine for Standardization, Metrology and Certification.


For architects and designers of apartment and public buildings with high level of acoustic comfort Acoustic Project specialists have developed a unique software product: acoustic calculator of reverberation time (RT60).


Reverberation time calculator