Acoustic Project is a design bureau specializing in acoustic design of residential complexes, hotels, business centers, public and administrative buildings, production facilities, sporting and entertainment venues, and special-purpose structures (studios, movie theaters, etc.).


Our company offers the full range of acoustic engineering services: from preliminary consultations and concept development to development of the full or customer-required scope of detailed design documentation.


We offer:

  • consultations in architectural and construction acoustics sphere;
  • design of sound insulation, vibration isolation and room acoustics;
  • calculation of reverberation time for various-purpose facilities;
  • development of noise control projects;
  • acoustic audit of architectural projects;
  • development of vibration isolation schemes for engineering equipment;
  • development of vibration isolation schemes for building and structure foundations;
  • development of vibration isolation schemes for rail transport;
  • measuring noise and vibration levels;
  • assessing sound insulation of protective structures;
  • charting local and regional noise maps.


Our advantages:

  • certified quality of design services;
  • high qualification of acoustic engineers;
  • many years of practical experience;
  • broad customer base;
  • availability of special measuring equipment;
  • partnerships with leading design bureaus.


Acoustic Project is an independent design bureau not owned by any construction holding company.

Our clients: