Vibration isolation is a complex of measures implemented to protect buildings, equipment and people from harmful effect of vibration by using special vibration isolation elements.


Modern apartment and public buildings have various engineering and maintenance equipment which represents a source of vibration and may cause structural noise on residential and public premises.


The goal of vibration isolation is to reduce vibrations transmitted by equipment of various types and putting pressure on the building’s structural elements and on air ducts and pipelines of engineering networks.


Acoustic Project specialists do acoustic calculations of various degree of complexity, conduct onsite vibro-acoustic measurements, and develop comprehensive architectural planning and vibro-acoustic solutions to provide vibration isolation for:

  • building and structure foundations
  • heavy engineering equipment
  • compressors
  • ventilation systems
  • refrigerators
  • pumping stations
  • boiler plants
  • industrial plants
  • railroad and tramway tracks
  • subway lines


We develop individual vibration isolation schemes and methods for every separate case.

All design solutions come with effectiveness calculations.