Architectural or room acoustics is the branch of acoustical physics studying propagation of sound waves in an enclosed space. The goal of research in the field of architectural acoustics is to devise methods of designing public facilities with good intelligibility conditions.


Designing a comfortable acoustic environment requires in-depth knowledge of acoustic properties of structures and materials used in construction to compare various materials, on the one hand, and to calculate expected acoustical properties of a room in a particular situation, on the other.


Reverberation time calculator


Acoustic Project specialists offer professional consulting services in architectural acoustics sphere, develop acoustic projects of various degree of complexity, conduct onsite acoustic measurements, and develop comprehensive acoustics correction solutions for:

  • conference halls
  • movie theaters
  • concert halls
  • offices
  • sporting venues
  • entertainment complexes
  • TV centers
  • recording studios
  • live audition rooms
  • restaurants and clubs
  • airports and railroad stations


Acoustic design is inherently related to architectural design. One of the main tasks of an acoustic engineer is to select acoustic materials that would completely solve the problem of achieving high acoustic comfort in a designed building and at the same time have the appearance that fits the design concept proposed by the building’s architect.