Acoustic Project offers a wide range of acoustic engineering services:


1. professional consultations on sound insulation of buildings and structures, vibration isolation of equipment, correction of room acoustics, acoustic audit of architectural projects, and free software (reverberation time calculator RT60) for calculation of acoustic characteristics of various-purpose facilities;


2. development of noise control projects for residential complexes, hotels, public and administrative buildings according to the requirements of:

- SNiP 2-12-77 ‘Noise control’,

- SN 3077-84 ‘Sanitary norms of acceptable noise levels in apartment and public buildings and within residential areas’,

- DSN ‘Sanitary norms of production noise, ultrasound and infrasound’.

Our noise control projects include acoustic calculations, conceptual sound insulation schemes, transportation noise mitigation schemes, vibration isolation solutions for engineering and production equipment;


3. development of acoustic design projects for public structures with heightened requirements to acoustics (multifunctional auditoriums, movie theaters, conference halls, recording studios, TV centers, theaters, clubs, restaurants, sporting venues, airports, etc.). Project development includes computer modeling of the premise and calculation of its acoustic parameters, architect’s approval of the spatial planning solution, preparation of technical specifications for subcontractors, and determination of the range of special acoustic materials and their layout schemes. The projects are fully compliant with today’s requirements to acoustic design and the standards DIN 18041 ‘Acoustical quality in small to medium-sized rooms’, SP 23-103-2003 ‘Designing sound insulation of protective structures of apartment and public buildings’ and SNiP II-12-77 ‘Noise control’;


4. development of vibration isolation schemes for engineering equipment, building and structure foundations and rail tracks:

  • pumping stations,
  • ventilation systems,
  • chillers,
  • electrical transformers,
  • industrial plants,
  • building and structure foundations,
  • railroad and tramway tracks,
  • subway lines.

Technical solutions envisage use of advanced vibration isolation materials and acoustic calculation of expected effectiveness.


5. onsite acoustic measurements on the customer’s premise using certified and calibrated equipment:

  • measuring noise levels in various-purpose facilities
  • measuring transportation noise levels
  • charting noise maps for developed areas
  • measuring noise spectrum
  • measuring vibration levels
  • measuring sound insulation of protective structures (air noise)
  • measuring shock noise insulation by storeys
  • measuring reverberation time in theaters, studios, conference halls using RT-60
  • measuring acoustic characteristics of various-purpose facilities


All design documentation is developed on the basis of advanced design methods using the latest software and computer modeling technologies.